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DVINE Wellous | Atome Installment | Wellous Malaysia

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Product Description


We sold in more than 50 countries. Order in your country here.

Beauty is subjective. 

But don't you ever dream of getting the perfect skin complexion to show people around how gorgeous you are, or you still keep it low-key by feeling insecure all the time? Bingo! 

Perfect skin defines truest beauty of a person that shines the day. To begin with, perfect skin complexion means the skin is fair, firm, glowing, and smooth. However, uneven skin tone damaged further with dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines and pimples are deemed as the first-world problem for many of us these days. All 'fault' goes to the harmful UV ray from the sun even though it is inevitable in most days. Poor eating habits, wrong skincare routine, inadequate water intake, pollution, smoking, and heavy makeup also contribute to your damaged skin! 

On another note, do you realise that the sun emits two types of UV rays, namely UVA and UVB that physically penetrates into the earth's surface.

To make it worse, UVA accounts for 95% of the radiation and leaves side effects to human skin such as wrinkles, premature ageing skin like brown spots and sagging skins. Unlike UVA, UVB poses a less harmful effect however still harshly visible which causes awful sunburn and darken our skin.


✅ Skin firming

✅  Skin whitening

✅ Sun protection

✅ Suppress acne production

✅ Sweep away wrinkles

✅ Acne/Dark Spot/Melasma/Pigmentation


60 Tablets in 1 Bottle

Method of consume

Take 2 tablets in every morning daily before or after breakfast