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FRUSSO Wellous | Atome Installment | Wellous Malaysia

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RM 510.00 MYR
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RM 840.00 MYR
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Product Description


We sold in more than 50 countries. Order in your country here.

Do you happen to find yourself occupying the tummy with food every day not knowing their nutritional content?

Human beings cannot live without food to sustain the body's energy. In fact, food is the main source of strength to keep ourselves active. Nonetheless, little that we know not all types of food are healthy for our body.

Such habit can cause your body to accumulate toxins, especially in your intestinal area. Here's the thing, 90% of the body toxins are originated from our intestine and yet such a high percentage contributes to various types of diseases. Biologically, intestine is the organ that accumulates most toxins in the body and plays a significant role for body detoxification. However, prolonged and accumulated toxins in the body may put your health at risk and affect your outlook.

Why you need FRUSSO?

Because it can help you to control blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. But the most important is it can help you to loss weight with a only easy step!


✅ Relieve constipation & discharge enterotoxin

✅ Promote intestinal movement & enhance digestion

✅ Avoid bad breathe & promote oral freshness

✅ Rejuvenate beauty & improve skin problems

✅ Healthy slimming & weight control



20 Sachets in 1 box with 4 different flavors

Direction of use

1) Mix 150-200ml of warm water, is better if you have a shaker.

2) Use only 1 sachet per day, use it to directly replace your dinner.

3) Please avoid coffee, tea and medicine at least for 2-3 hours when you use it.