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Product Description


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Homega fish oil soft gel capsule is the first fish oil supplement product ever added with Vitamin K2 and D3. Fish Oil is extracted from small fishes in unpolluted oceans as a raw ingredient, its synergistic effect with Vitamin K2 and D3 can help to maintain healthy blood circulation. Homega is mainly for individuals who frequently dine out, frequently socialize till late, have a hectic lifestyle and are above 40 years old.


✅  Maintain the elasticity of blood vessels

✅ Prevent the formation of a blood clot

✅ Help to promote blood flow

✅ Prevent arterial stiffness

✅ Improve metabolism

Direction of use

Take 1 softgel capsule a day, consume after meal.

Pack size

60 softgels


Used as health supplement.

Product Registration Number


This is a supplement product advertisement. KKLIU 0537/2021

Validity of certificate: 31st December 2023