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LIVETAL Wellous | Atome Installment | Wellous Malaysia

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RM 300.00 MYR
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Product Description


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Liver is a silent killer

That's because liver does not have any pain receptors, therefore, no matter how tired it gets, it will never yell for help!

This is why we tend to neglect its health condition, and also why most of the liver cancers are only being discovered during the critical stage. Liver is a very important organ in our body, it is in charging of most of the metabolism processes that occur in our body, and also filter and remove toxins from our body. Liver is indeed that most easily "polluted" organ in our body!

Stressful environment and the convenience of fast food are undoubtedly few of the main factors that increases the burden of our liver. With the endless socializing events nowadays, people are always staying up late and consuming lots of unhealthy foods, without knowing that all these can actually cause severe damage to the liver!


✅ Control the excess fats in the liver

✅ Reduce toxins stored in the liver

✅ Break down alcohol in the liver

✅ Relieve hangover symptoms

✅ Protect liver health

✅ Modulate immune system and strengthen immunity

✅ Relieve chemical-caused liver injury

✅ Enhance antioxidant protection and reduce inflammation

✅ Eliminate fatigue and restore energy


20 sachets in 1 box

Direction of use

Take 1 sachet daily