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PROBIOME Wellous | Atome Installment | Wellous Malaysia

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Product Description


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Probiotics are good bacteria that naturally live in our gut. Regular intake of adequate amount of probiotics is beneficial to our overall health.

In addition, to improve gut health, it is crucial to increase the amount of probiotics and balance the gut bacteria. Therefore, Wellous has developed Probiome, a formulation with probiotics and prebiotics to improve gut and overall health!


✅ Promote stronger bone density to support stronger body movement

✅ Regulate testosterone level to maintain general body health

✅ Improve blood circulation & blood flow in the body

✅ Increase stamina for long pace exercise

✅ Regulate fat distribution & reduce tummy fat

✅ Reduce body fatigue & improve body vitality

✅ Increase body energy to support daily activity

✅ Increase muscle volume & support overall masculinity



30 capsules in 1 bottle

Direction of Use

Take 1 to 2 capsules once daily before meal

Product Registration Number


Product Indication

Used as a health supplement

KKLIU 2820/2020